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Guess what!

It's awesome!

all seasons in one day 5 °C

Straigh to the case!
I got my visa! I am moving to Canada!

I am now starting a new blog about my journey to Canada. Last time I wrote about my time living in England. Now - New journey, new blog =)

After a bit of trouble actually getting to the point where I could send my visa application, I finally got it sent on (no it's not a joke) April 1st.
I read that it was supposed to take about 40 days but on April 19th I recieved a letter:


I got my visa!!
It's good for one year and I am so excited to go there!

The reason why I'm moving to Canada is that when I was living in England I met this guy.. He was really wicked - and now our two year anniversary is coming up soon! I found myself a Canadian boyfriend :D

Well.. I'm starting up this blog now and every now and then there will be a new update from me.

Stay tuned - subscribe on my blog ;)


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