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Finally an update! Mostly in pictures =)

all seasons in one day 25 °C

About time to get this blog up and going again!
I know I have not updated in months... I am really slow when it comes to this kind of stuff... So I am not going to write a lot, that would take me forever. I am going to give you an update with pictures from my first days here and throughout the year.

So, first off I will show you a picture of some of what I left when moving here. This is my dads back yard the day before I moved (28th May 2013), it is pretty beautiful!


I must say I have started to feel a bit homesick. I like Calgary and Canada a lot, but the ability to go out with my great friends back home and to be with my family is something I don't have here. That is the biggest thing. And also my cat Blacky, he is such a sweetheart. It's crazy, he turned 15 in October! Happy belated birthday Mr. Blacky!
Another thing I miss is the ability to hang out at my dads place, it's so beautiful there. I always miss it more in the summer, that is when you spend most time outside, right...

Well, anyways.. Here are some pics from my first days here in Calgary.

Dinner time!


First skype conversation with some of my best friends back home

Candied salmon! it's salmon and it is candied! like... sweet-ish fish! Soo weird but actually good!

The boys (Matt and his younger brother Geoff) are happily doing the dishes =)

Matts parents and I went to a native (indian) casino ;)

After that we went to some parks and stuff so that I could see more of the city.

A week after I arrived I went flower shopping with Matts mom Bess.

When we got home from the flower shopping someone had a great idea...
Let's just say water and corn starch mixed together makes an interesting blend!

This is the view from Matts parents back yard... Pretty awesome!

A MEGA strawberry! It was big and it was good! :D

I had no idea that Otus is a character/skin in Minecraft! The game is not even out yet! That is sooo awesome!
Don't know who he is? Then you HAVE to check this out !!

July 8th! Our two year anniversary! Wohoo!

Some crazy weather is going on here :D


Sport of the summer: Basketball! On TV that is.. (My boyfriend quite like his sports) Miami was of course the favorite. And guess who won the Championship Tournament in the end... ;)

And after the basketball game... a game of Munchkin! Not a very friendly affair!

Some skyping with my sister and Shiba is in order...

.. and then some skyping with Marie & Jo-Remi ^^

On 13th of June I went with Bess and Howard (Matts parents) to a market. Here we are having Poutine,
a traditional French-Canadian dish. It is french fries with cheese and gravy! Was kinda strange, not sure if I liked it...

At the same market I saw pink pineapples on a stick! Woot?

So, a few days later I went with Matt to the bottle depot to recycle bottles. It is so different from Norway. You bring all your bottles (milk bottles, liqueur bottles, juice bottles etc. basically most types of glass- and plastic bottles) to a place called the bottle depot. There you ave lots of people that are ready to take your bottles. They sort through them and write down what you have. When they are done they give you a slip that you hand over to the cashier, who then pay you however much you get for all those bottles. According to Matt is smells absolutely horrible in there (I wouldn't know, I can't smell it anyways)!

At the mall I found this.. I think a lot of my geeky friends would love this store!

Something I most definitely have never seen before, and that I found quite interesting.. It is called fluff. It is a marshmallows bread spread (pålegg)! What the h*** And to make it even more strange they mix it with peanut butter! Then it is called fluffernutter!

Something else I find strange/different is that here in Canada they have drive through ATMs (minibank)! You actually don't have to get out of your car to withdraw money! LoL

At the 23rd of June we went to the driving range to hit some golf balls. It's the first time I have ever done that so it was a lot of fun!

Grilling marshmallows in the back yard

A pink house in the neighbourhood! Haha! Why would anyone pick that color? They can't even change it!

30th of June we were watching the movie Thor on Netflix when we realized there was lightening going on outside (kinda ironic). Anyways, we realized it was an electric storm outside, like nothing I have seen before. It was literally flashing every 2 second! And it lasted for over two hours non stop! (Mmm! That makes me think of Nonstop, Norwegian chocolate ^^) Sorry, very random thought there...

Matt and I stopped the movie and went outside to watch the lightening show instead. With the amazing view that they have at his moms place it was perfect to just chill under a blanket on the grass (except from those bloody mosquitoes that kept biting us). We sat out there for two hours before we had had enough of the mosquitoes and the lightening was moving away... check out this video I took! It is a bit long, so you don't have to watch all of it =)

So that is it for today! Hope you got through it all. This was only from I moved here and till the end of June, so I have a lot more to show you. I will post more pictures for you all later, but it might take a little while before I get that done :p At least this is a good start. Hope you had fun!

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