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The waiting is over

Finally some progress!


I have FINALLY booked my tickets to move to Canada!! I have waited for a month now to get the 'thumbs up' so that I could book my tickets, and on May 17th I finally got it! Had some small problems with the booking, but the tickets were in order the day after.
I am actually moving! It feels so crazy that I'm gonna move to Canada and be there for a whole year, but it also feels soooo good that I'm gonna be in the arms of Matt (my boyfriend) in no time!

I am leaving in just over a week, so it's pretty soon.
I got my tickets fairly cheap.. NOK 368,- Norway - London and NOK 3464,- London-Calgary. So all together that is NOK 3832,- or in dollars $666
I fly out from Norway on Wednesday 29 May at 19:00.
It is actually on my best friends' 25th birthday!! (Sorry! I will make it up to you before I go tho :D )
The flight to London is two hours, so I land there at 20:00 English time. I will then have to spend the night at the airport before I get on the airplane that flies to Calgary Thursday 30 May at 09:00.
I then have just over 9 hours to party on the airplane before I land in Calgary. I am not sure what I have to go through on the airport before I'm allowed to get my work permit and everything I need. I read something about having to go through one or two interviews and giving them a list of everything I am bringing (apparently I have to write it down)... Well I guess it's gonna be suuuper exciting -.- Haha.. well as long as everything goes well I'll be happy. When I am done I will find one happy boyfriend waiting for me as I come out! I can't wait to see him again!! It's been half a year since I saw him last! That's a long, long time.

I leave in only eight days, people! I am really looking forward to this!

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