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I have some lovely friends

Party - party - party!!

sunny 30 °C

I decided that since I am now moving away for a year, a going-away-party was an absolute must!
I invited all my good friends that lives close and had my party on Sunday 19th of May (chose a Sunday cuz the next day was a public holiday, and it was also the only time I had the chance).
I had my last day at work, finishing at 15.30, then went home to tidy a bit and get ready. Marie (my room mate) helped me out alot, and Jo-Remi (her boyfriend) also helped out loads, plus he started a BBQ. The weather was sooo frikkin' nice! Probably around 30 °C!


Marie and me

I think everyone had a good time. Some of them even made new friends.

We had to take a group photo with everyone! Almost everyone I invited came, so it was great.
When it matters, they are there! :D

We had some fun taking pictures!

My glass with a blinking, blue light in the bottom was a big hit with everyone! Haha...

I am posing with my good friend Abe!

I am going to make a scrap book album from my trip, and I dedicated two pages where everyone could
scribble, draw and write whatever they wanted. I got lots of good stuff out of that!

Thanks everyone, for making my leaving party a very good memory! I had a great time for sure!
I hope all of you had a good time too!

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