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The day has finally come!

Today is the day where I start my travels to a big and white country

sunny 26 °C

I am all packed (after A LOT of sorting out with clothes and stuff) and just about ready to go. I think and hope that all my papers are in order. I'm just gonna update this blog and then I'm leaving to go to the airport. I will be on the move for many, many hours! If my calculations are right I will be travelling for about 30 hours before I arrive where I'm gonna be staying in Calgary! 30 hours is a long time to travel! But I'll manage ;)

Last night I had the last Skype conversation with my boyfriend for a very long time! So that's awesome, because from now on we can talk in person!


It's been half a years since last time I saw him, and almost a year since we lived in the same country! I am looking forward to finally get there!


This is ALL I'm bringing! All my luggage and I'm moving away for a year!

Well I gotta go!
Talk to ya later!

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God tur for pokkerheisann!

fra Jo-Remi

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