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Arriving Canada

Alright, time to update! I have now been in Canada and Calgary for almost three weeks. I am soooo happy to be here! After being away from your boyfriend for half a year it is amazing to finally get together again. I think anyone would understand that.

I had a long, long trip.. My sister picked me up to drive me to the airport, and we left home at around 15 o'clock Wednesday 29th (on my best friends birthday!). Just as we were gonna leave, my dad called me from work (he works offshore) to wish me a good trip and all that. Then he asked: are you guys gonna stop by an electronic store?
Quite puzzled over that weird question just as I'm going to leave I just answered "uhm nooo?"
Then he said he wanted to give me a birthday/travel gift, so he wanted me to stop by a store where they sell mini iPads!
Wow! I was totally not expecting that! A really, really nice surprise!

Gunnhild (my sister) and I stopped in Knarvik so that I could see Marie and wish her happy birthday, and also to give a phone back to Lena that I had borrowed. I said my goodbyes and we drove towards the airport. After deciding that we had enough time, we went to Lefdal and I bought a mini iPad. Really great to have when you are travelling. It was also a good thing to have and to figure out while waiting in an airport. I had some fun with taking pictures with the iPad at the airplane from Norway to London...


I arrived London Gatwick, no problem. The airplane even landed earlier than it was supposed to. At any other time I would be happy about that, but not this time, seeing I had sooo many hours to wait at the airport! Oh well...
At Gatwick I bought some food and then I found a place to sit and relax for the next few hours. I put on my music on my mp3 player and after a little while my headphones broke! Pretty brutal! I could still use them, but only one plug would work properly, the other one had this really annoying grinding sound.


After about 9 hours in that now not so comfortable chair anymore (I did get some hours of sleep), I could finally go to check in and get rid of my luggage. I got some more hours to kill... Finally, after now just about 13 hours at Gatwick airport, I got on the airplane and went on my way to the Great White North! It was now 9 in the morning and I had been on the go for 18 hours already!

I had a really nice lady next to me on the airplane and we had some good conversations. That (and some Big Bang Theory) helped to make those nine hours in the air pass by quicker!


When I finally arrived Canada and Calgary I only had a couple of potential obstacles left before I was done! I had to go through passport control and immigration control, and I could also risk that they wanted to go through everything I had brought and so on. I arrived around 11 in the morning, Canadian time (19 Norwegian time). I had told Matt that he could be there for 12.30, in case everything would take a lot of time (getting out of the airplane, passport control, getting the luggage etc.) Everything went smoothly and I had no problems at all. At the immigration control they asked me some questions and I got my work permit and I was done. No massive lineups or anything. I was out and done in about half an hour!

IMG_6894.jpg This is what greets you when you arrive in the cowboy city Calgary

So now I had to wait for an hour before Matt was there! Thanks to my new iPad the time went by pretty quickly, but the last half hour I was constantly looking around me to see if Matt was there. All of a sudden he showed up and I was really happy to see him! I even shed some happy tears, that hardly ever happens! We made our way to the car, and he had a little surprise for me :p


When we finally got home to where he lives, at his parents place, I had been travelling for about 30 hours in total. It was a long trip but it still passed by quickly. It was nice seeing everyone again, and also to finally be with Matt, knowing that we won't be apart again for a long time!
I was supposed to be staying with some friends who live close by, because it did not fit to stay at Matts parents, but things changed and I could stay there after all. So I have been here the whole time. Just like last time we are not sharing bedrooms, I'm staying in the guest bedroom. Gotta respect the house rules! I'm just happy I'm here and appreciate their hospitality!

First dinner in Canada after arrival

Two happy faces, relieved that the waiting is over!

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Lykke til med oppholdet "overThere" høres ut som du har det fint. Ha en flott sommer. Spennende å følge med å¨deg. Klem M. :-)

fra margareth eichner

Sett , lest og forstått. Kozzzzzzzzzzz

fra Kitty hb kristiansen

Glad to see everything went smuuuth ;-D I've been stuck in customs myself going to Murica, and it was the 'hell'. Also, THAT HOUSE! SO MANY GAMES! Sheesh!

fra Jo-Remi

Thanks peeps! I think you have to tell me about when you went to Murica, Jo-Remi!

fra IvyVonDark

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