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Biggest I have seen!

Balls of ice raining from the sky!

all seasons in one day

I have never seen them that big before! Matt said they have had it as big as golf balls here before. Their neighbors window actually broke and they had to replace it. That's just crazy!

Yes - I am talking about hail. We had a crazy hailstorm yesterday.
The hail was probably five times as big as what I have seen at home.

Soooo cold to hold it!

Apparently Calgary is showing me all the crazy weather in once!



And you also have all four seasons in one day here all the time. You can see sooo far and you can see a big difference in the sky when you turn from one side to another.

Here I'm standing on the deck at Matts Parents place and looking from my left to the right. It's not exactly a panorama picture, but almost.

At night time the moon was up and it was very beautiful. Of course I had to take a picture


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