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The big day

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A few things have happened since last I posted anything on my blog. Now I'm just gonna give you a quick update on a couple of things before I get out of bed and start doing stuff.

Have you heard of the Calgary Stampede? The greatest outdoor show on earth as they say.. Ten days with rodeo, chuck wagon races, funfair, markets, concerts and lots more. I got a job there, and worked eight out of the ten days. That was good fun, and also gave me free admission to the park and the rodeo/chuck wagons. Saved a few bucks that way..
What did I do there? I made people very happy! I served them alcohol :D So in other words, bartending...
And I got my pay check yesterday ^^


Cowboy style bartending! After all it is the stampede...


Today tho.. is the big day!
After being here (in Canada) for almost 7 weeks, we are finally moving into our new place! I really appreciate Matts parents' hospitality, they have been very good to me. But I think we are all very eager for us to finally get a place of our own. It's especially a big day for Matts brother, cuz this is the first time he's moving out to have his own place and not live with his parents. It's great! I think this is gonna be fun. I'm sure he'll like it quite a bit.

As much as it's been nice having a full fridge and dinner on the table most days (don't get me wrong, I have made dinner for them a few times too), it's gonna be nice to have my own place and buy my own groceries and all that. There is just something about it. The freedom to do what you want and make the rules of your home yourself.. and to sleep in the same bed as your boyfriend! I'm sooo looking forward to that!

So today is the big moving day. Matts sister have rented this flat for almost ten years and have finally bought a house with her husband, so we are taking over this place. And the rent is good too.

A little bit of bad timing tho... I would have stayed and helped (well I can do some before I go), but I have a wedding to go to! An East Indian wedding as a matter of fact.
I'm gonna make people happy there by serving them drinks. I'm working as a bartender tonight. I think it's gonna be cool! Looking forward to seeing an Indian wedding!

Well.. I should go and do something.. Matt and Geoff will be back with the moving truck soon, and then we can get started.

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