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Finally an update! Mostly in pictures =)

all seasons in one day 25 °C

About time to get this blog up and going again!
I know I have not updated in months... I am really slow when it comes to this kind of stuff... So I am not going to write a lot, that would take me forever. I am going to give you an update with pictures from my first days here and throughout the year.

So, first off I will show you a picture of some of what I left when moving here. This is my dads back yard the day before I moved (28th May 2013), it is pretty beautiful!


I must say I have started to feel a bit homesick. I like Calgary and Canada a lot, but the ability to go out with my great friends back home and to be with my family is something I don't have here. That is the biggest thing. And also my cat Blacky, he is such a sweetheart. It's crazy, he turned 15 in October! Happy belated birthday Mr. Blacky!
Another thing I miss is the ability to hang out at my dads place, it's so beautiful there. I always miss it more in the summer, that is when you spend most time outside, right...

Well, anyways.. Here are some pics from my first days here in Calgary.

Dinner time!


First skype conversation with some of my best friends back home

Candied salmon! it's salmon and it is candied! like... sweet-ish fish! Soo weird but actually good!

The boys (Matt and his younger brother Geoff) are happily doing the dishes =)

Matts parents and I went to a native (indian) casino ;)

After that we went to some parks and stuff so that I could see more of the city.

A week after I arrived I went flower shopping with Matts mom Bess.

When we got home from the flower shopping someone had a great idea...
Let's just say water and corn starch mixed together makes an interesting blend!

This is the view from Matts parents back yard... Pretty awesome!

A MEGA strawberry! It was big and it was good! :D

I had no idea that Otus is a character/skin in Minecraft! The game is not even out yet! That is sooo awesome!
Don't know who he is? Then you HAVE to check this out !!

July 8th! Our two year anniversary! Wohoo!

Some crazy weather is going on here :D


Sport of the summer: Basketball! On TV that is.. (My boyfriend quite like his sports) Miami was of course the favorite. And guess who won the Championship Tournament in the end... ;)

And after the basketball game... a game of Munchkin! Not a very friendly affair!

Some skyping with my sister and Shiba is in order...

.. and then some skyping with Marie & Jo-Remi ^^

On 13th of June I went with Bess and Howard (Matts parents) to a market. Here we are having Poutine,
a traditional French-Canadian dish. It is french fries with cheese and gravy! Was kinda strange, not sure if I liked it...

At the same market I saw pink pineapples on a stick! Woot?

So, a few days later I went with Matt to the bottle depot to recycle bottles. It is so different from Norway. You bring all your bottles (milk bottles, liqueur bottles, juice bottles etc. basically most types of glass- and plastic bottles) to a place called the bottle depot. There you ave lots of people that are ready to take your bottles. They sort through them and write down what you have. When they are done they give you a slip that you hand over to the cashier, who then pay you however much you get for all those bottles. According to Matt is smells absolutely horrible in there (I wouldn't know, I can't smell it anyways)!

At the mall I found this.. I think a lot of my geeky friends would love this store!

Something I most definitely have never seen before, and that I found quite interesting.. It is called fluff. It is a marshmallows bread spread (pålegg)! What the h*** And to make it even more strange they mix it with peanut butter! Then it is called fluffernutter!

Something else I find strange/different is that here in Canada they have drive through ATMs (minibank)! You actually don't have to get out of your car to withdraw money! LoL

At the 23rd of June we went to the driving range to hit some golf balls. It's the first time I have ever done that so it was a lot of fun!

Grilling marshmallows in the back yard

A pink house in the neighbourhood! Haha! Why would anyone pick that color? They can't even change it!

30th of June we were watching the movie Thor on Netflix when we realized there was lightening going on outside (kinda ironic). Anyways, we realized it was an electric storm outside, like nothing I have seen before. It was literally flashing every 2 second! And it lasted for over two hours non stop! (Mmm! That makes me think of Nonstop, Norwegian chocolate ^^) Sorry, very random thought there...

Matt and I stopped the movie and went outside to watch the lightening show instead. With the amazing view that they have at his moms place it was perfect to just chill under a blanket on the grass (except from those bloody mosquitoes that kept biting us). We sat out there for two hours before we had had enough of the mosquitoes and the lightening was moving away... check out this video I took! It is a bit long, so you don't have to watch all of it =)

So that is it for today! Hope you got through it all. This was only from I moved here and till the end of June, so I have a lot more to show you. I will post more pictures for you all later, but it might take a little while before I get that done :p At least this is a good start. Hope you had fun!

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Finally moving time

And also first time I work in a wedding

sunny 27 °C

I guess I left you off saying that we were moving and that I was gonna work in an East Indian wedding...

So.. wedding first.. July 20th... It was their fourth and last day of celebrating the wedding. Apparently Indians have their wedding celebrations going over days, even weeks! Imagine how much money they spend on this! And how much booze they drink during those days! Oh man are they having fun?!
It was cool seeing a wedding from a different culture. I really liked looking at all the different dresses the girls were wearing. Indian dresses are so beautiful! And so colorful.
They had an amazing wedding cake!


It's got five layers, all different cakes, and it's shaped like a peacock. In the background you see the table up on the stage where the married couple are supposed to sit. Different from what I'm used to, here the married couple sit on display up on a stage.

The room where they all were sitting was beautifully decorated!


They also had a really nice ice sculpture. If you look at the sides of it you see a tube inside the ice on both sides. Those are for drinks. You pour the drink in at the top and it comes out at the bottom. That was pretty cool.


We all also got Indian food for lunch after they had all eaten. Through out the evening I made some tips. It wasn't crazy, but $17.50 is not too bad. That's like 100 kr. After all it was an open bar, so no one had to pay for their drinks, and we are not allowed to have a tip jar, because we get gratuity (that means we get "tips" paid along with our paycheck later on).

So, this same day, we were also moving out of Matts parents place. Yea, I know, I'm kind of writing it in the wrong order.. but I don't care!

While packing the day before, Geoff found some old stuff.....

Matt & Geoff got up really early this (Saturday) morning to get a moving truck. There were some unexpected problems with getting the truck. The night before moving, Geoff got a phone call saying that they couldn't get the truck they had ordered after all! So they had to call another company to get a truck, on a Friday night. They fortunately got one, but when they were gonna go get it in the morning, they had more trouble. The truck was not where it was supposed to be, the place opened a couple of hours later than they had been told, they couldn't keep it for as long as they had been told, and they had to do a lot of extra driving because of all this bullshit. When they finally got the truck, they quickly got it loaded to do a dump run (getting rid of a lot of junk), and after that they loaded it up with most of their stuff.


I helped out with some carrying and some cleaning, and then I went to work. When I called Matt about picking me up from work at 2 in the morning, they were still not done. They were still unpacking and sorting and organizing. Still working until he left to pick me up at 3 am.
The nice thing was that we didn't go back to his parents place that night, but we slept at our new place for the first time. And it was wonderful. I could finally sleep in the same bed as my boyfriend!

Spaghetti and ground beef for dinner!

We have now lived here for a little over four weeks, and it's great. There are still a few things we are missing, like a mop or a washing machine, or most of our dishware. We have the most important stuff (except from the washer), so we manage just fine. We just got scissors the other day!
There are still a few boxes around the house, but the guys are working a lot, so I don't expect them to get all that stuff out of the way right away. We recently got tables, and Geoff finally got his bed just a couple of days ago (he's been sleeping on the couch for a month now)!


There is one thing I don't like about this place tho. We have pets. Rather unwillingly. Our little visitors are ants, and they seem to like me. One day it was on a glass we had in the bedroom, the other day it was on my pants when I was sitting in my bed. I have seen some on the kitchen counter, and a couple of days ago one just happened to pop up on my computer when I was using it! The other morning was the worst... I thought I could feel something crawling on me in my bed. I couldn't find anything at first, but when I felt it again, I found an ant on my shoulder. Some days later I saw one coming towards me on my pillow when I opened my eyes! They are in my bed! >.<
I'm not happy about that! We just got some ant traps, but also when it's getting colder they will disappear.

Sushi time! Mmmmmm YUM

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The big day

sunny 24 °C

A few things have happened since last I posted anything on my blog. Now I'm just gonna give you a quick update on a couple of things before I get out of bed and start doing stuff.

Have you heard of the Calgary Stampede? The greatest outdoor show on earth as they say.. Ten days with rodeo, chuck wagon races, funfair, markets, concerts and lots more. I got a job there, and worked eight out of the ten days. That was good fun, and also gave me free admission to the park and the rodeo/chuck wagons. Saved a few bucks that way..
What did I do there? I made people very happy! I served them alcohol :D So in other words, bartending...
And I got my pay check yesterday ^^


Cowboy style bartending! After all it is the stampede...


Today tho.. is the big day!
After being here (in Canada) for almost 7 weeks, we are finally moving into our new place! I really appreciate Matts parents' hospitality, they have been very good to me. But I think we are all very eager for us to finally get a place of our own. It's especially a big day for Matts brother, cuz this is the first time he's moving out to have his own place and not live with his parents. It's great! I think this is gonna be fun. I'm sure he'll like it quite a bit.

As much as it's been nice having a full fridge and dinner on the table most days (don't get me wrong, I have made dinner for them a few times too), it's gonna be nice to have my own place and buy my own groceries and all that. There is just something about it. The freedom to do what you want and make the rules of your home yourself.. and to sleep in the same bed as your boyfriend! I'm sooo looking forward to that!

So today is the big moving day. Matts sister have rented this flat for almost ten years and have finally bought a house with her husband, so we are taking over this place. And the rent is good too.

A little bit of bad timing tho... I would have stayed and helped (well I can do some before I go), but I have a wedding to go to! An East Indian wedding as a matter of fact.
I'm gonna make people happy there by serving them drinks. I'm working as a bartender tonight. I think it's gonna be cool! Looking forward to seeing an Indian wedding!

Well.. I should go and do something.. Matt and Geoff will be back with the moving truck soon, and then we can get started.

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Biggest I have seen!

Balls of ice raining from the sky!

all seasons in one day

I have never seen them that big before! Matt said they have had it as big as golf balls here before. Their neighbors window actually broke and they had to replace it. That's just crazy!

Yes - I am talking about hail. We had a crazy hailstorm yesterday.
The hail was probably five times as big as what I have seen at home.

Soooo cold to hold it!

Apparently Calgary is showing me all the crazy weather in once!



And you also have all four seasons in one day here all the time. You can see sooo far and you can see a big difference in the sky when you turn from one side to another.

Here I'm standing on the deck at Matts Parents place and looking from my left to the right. It's not exactly a panorama picture, but almost.

At night time the moon was up and it was very beautiful. Of course I had to take a picture


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Crazy conditions!

Calgary is under water!


Yesterday Matt and I drove through the city center, and he commented on how high the river was...
Today when I got up it was all over the TV.. The whole city center is gonna be evacuated, there are big floods many places in Calgary, many roads are closed, around 75.000 people have been evacuated already... A lot of the city center is flooded already. And they say it's gonna get worse.
Fortunately we live on a hill and are not affected, but many people have lost their homes. Matts step sister, her boyfriend and their cat had to evacuate...

Here's a little video from BBC about the flood over here..

If the video doesn't work then here's the link

I wish everyone good luck over here!

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